We have published an eBook to help educate our clients on estate planning and trusts. Our eBook is available for free download. Simply sign up with your name and email and you will receive an email with a link to the eBook download.


Estate Planning for the Informed Consumer


Affinity Investment Group, LLC clients have spent a lifetime working on accumulating enough resources to provide a comfortable retirement lifestyle. Saving, investing and growing a portfolio to sustain our client through their retirement years is the starting point. It is imperative to also have strategies to deal with the event of a long term care crisis. Protecting what you have built is critical.

Finally, we help guide our clients on the most cost effective, tax efficient methods to transfer wealth within their legacy plan.  We hope that you enjoy this book, that you may better understand the steps to take to best protect you and those you love from unnecessary taxes and the financially draining effects of a long term care stay. Reading this book is your first step in your future.